Launched in 1995, ZeroZine established itself as one of the Internet's first online arts and literature magazines.

Issues were published on a quarterly, and bi-yearly basis, featuring photography, painting, sculpture, short stories and poetry. As the Internet evlovled, later issues showcased music and animation.

Each issue was a complete redesign, and were stylized to coincide with the thematic elements of the art being featured. The purpose of ZeroZine was to always provide an ever-evolving resource of artistic inspiration, as well as a powerful source for promoting up and coming artists. Over time, ZeroZine amassed millions of views and subscribers.

In late 2017, we began undertaking the next phase of the ZeroZine evolution.

We will continue to be a resource for promoting the arts, established, and up and coming artists, but also provide some powerful resources for artist networking, marketing and distribution of artwork.

The next phase will be the opus of our evolution.

Early access will be provided to those following us on Facebook or Twitter.

In the meantime, we will be sharing some of our favorite art through our Twitter account, multiple times daily, as well as the artwork of those that follow us.

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